Sunday, February 28, 2016


Have you noticed today, broadcasters, television and radio reporters, commentators or pundits will often describe something as "worrying"? Example: "The latest report is even more worrying." 

Or, one will frequently hear "worrying's" new synonym, "concerning" as in "it's very concerning." This is coinage at its worst. Bad habits, those of you who report or analyze the news.

"Worrying" sounds awkward. Why not use "worrisome"?

And, regarding "concerning," indeed, the word is more correctly used as a synonym FOR "regarding." 

Example: "concerning" tonight's agenda or "regarding" tonight's agenda. Furthermore, journalism friends, some of us think "concerning" should never be a synonym for worrisome. 

Why not use "disconcerting"? "Images from the scene are disconcerting." Or, "Of greater concern, are the graphic images."

Not, "The graphic images are concerning."
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